Mixed Size and Color Doll Buttons in Storage Box

Product Description

You will receive 750 pieces of craft buttons in a variety of sizes and colors as follows:

25mm 2-eye button - 20pcs in 10 colors
11mm Daisy button - 80pcs  in 9 colors
11mm Heart button - 70pcs in 9 colors
20mm 4-eye button - 30pcs in 9 colors
9mm 4-eye button - 100pcs in 10 colors
7mm 4-eye button - 100pcs in 10 colors
15mm 4-eye button - 50pcs in 9 colors
9mm 2-eye button - 100pcs in 10 colors
12mm 2-eye button - 70pcs in 8 colors
6mm 2-eye button - 130pcs in 10 colors

The storage box measures approximately 175 mm x 100 mm x 23 mm (height). These buttons are perfect for doll craft and even great for your scrapbook pages. 

* Please be noted that the colors may not be distributed evenly.


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