FIMO Cane Stick Mixed Design Set

FIMO Cane Stick Mixed Design Set
Product Description

You will receive 45 pieces of FIMO stick in an assortment of designs (with no duplication).

Each cane measures approximately 4.5 cm to 5 cm in length, with a diameter of around 5 mm to 5.5 mm (0.5 - 0.55 cm). Use a sharp pen knife for slicing the cane, you may get 50 to 80 slices in a cane depending on your desired thickness.

Fimo slices are great for nail art, scrapbooks or as a decoration on personal gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

What is Fimo?

Fimo is a kind of polymer clay. The material comes in a variety of colors; there are many finishes to choose from too. It is used for making many things, including jewelry, accessories, nail art and small trinkets. Once shaped, Fimo is baked in a standard oven or toaster oven for about 30 minutes at 110oC to harden it. Once baked, it can be cut, drilled, painted, sanded, and sliced thinly.



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