Ribbon Stock Clearance

From November 2017, we will be clearing out some of our old (but still nice) ribbons at unbelievably low prices! Following are only some of the ribbons that are on sale.

Our 6mm single sided satin ribbons, with and without silver or gold edges, 6mm and 12mm satin edge organza ribbons and 6mm and 12mm single sided satin ribbons are just RM0.50 a roll. Each roll is at least 10 yards in length.

12mm Satin Ribbons

6mm silver edge satin ribbons

12mm satin edge organza ribbons

Our smaller rolls organza ribbons of width from 1 inch to 2 inches are only RM1.00 per roll. The length of each roll ranges from 10 to 15 yards.

Satin Edge Organza Ribbons

If you are looking for some Christmas ribbons to decorate you home, then our Christmas wired edge organza ribbons with glitters are only RM2.00 per roll.

Christmas Ribbons

There are also some 1.5 inches single faced satin ribbons for clearance and each roll is only RM3.00. Each roll is about 15 yards long.

1.5inch satin ribbons

We also have some ribbons of 100 yard length a roll for sale for only RM5.00 a roll. They are 3mm satin ribbons and 3 inches organza ribbons.

Organza Ribbons

There are a few more types of ribbons also on sale. Feel free to drop by at our shop to browse. This offer is only while stock lasts and for walk in customers only.