Product Review Terms and Conditions

After submitting your product review, it will be checked by Crafio team before it is published. We welcome honest review. The reason for checking before publish is to ensure that the review process is monitored and not abused by spammers for other reasons. 
Here are the terms and conditions for getting the 300 Craft Points for your product review:
  • While we do not limit how many products you can review, the 300 Craft Points will only be given for products that you haven't already reviewed before. 
  • The item that you review must be an item that the you have purchased from Crafio before. 
  • The maximum number of times that you can receive Craft Points from submitting a product review is 20 times.
  • Crafio reserves the right to amend and update these terms and conditions whenever there is a necessity to maintain fairness.
Once your product review is published, you will be informed by us and the 300 Craft Points will be added to your Craft Point balance.