Our Services

Laser Cutting, Marking and Engraving

Apart from the large collections of finished products that we are offering in our store, we also do custom contract manufacturing work for clients. With our LaserPro laser cutting machine, we are able to cut, mark and engrave onto many substrates with high precision. We do a lot of customized and personalized work in gift tags and place cards for our clients. Below are just some samples. If you have a special design which you would like to bring into reality, then we can help.

Laser Cut Place Cards   

Besides cutting cardboards, we can also cut felt and all other kinds of cloths. We are able to cut PU leather sheets, microfibre suede sheets, acrylic and wood sheets etc with high precision with our laser cutting machine.

We can also use our laser cutting machine to mark and engrave onto substrates such as wood, glass, acrylic and leather.

Laser Engraved Wooden Clips

If you have an item which you would like to mark or personalized with engraving, then you are welcome to contact us.


We also do sewing of small favor bags for our clients. One of our clients wanted small bags made of hessian cloth (burlap) to hold coffee beans for her guests and we sewed them to her requirements. We can even combine our cutting capability of our laser cutting machine with our sewing capability to produce customized and precise shaped bags or items.

Burlap Bags with Painted Red Heart