Goods and Service Tax and it's Implemented at Crafio

Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be implemented across Malaysia from 1 April 2015. With GST come into effect, all GST registered merchant will have to charge GST for their goods. Crafio, as a registered merchant, charges GST for all our products which are standard rated at 6%. 

Complying with government regulations, all the displayed prices of goods will be GST inclusive. So for example, the displayed price of an item is RM10, RM9.43 goes towards the price of the item before tax and RM0.57 will be for GST. 

We will include a tax invoice with the goods we send to you. If you happen to also be a GST registered merchant and would like is to include your business name and GST number in the tax invoice, you may leave us a note during check out with the details and we shall create a tax invoice with those information.