Clouds Felt Cut Out

Product Description

You will receive 24 pcs of Felt Clouds in the color and size of your choice.

The available sizes are:

Large - 14 cm x 8 cm (140 mm x 80 mm; 5.5" x 3.15")

Medium - 8 cm x 4.2 cm (80 mm x 42 mm; 3.15" x 1.65")

Small - 5 cm x 2.8 cm (50 mm x 28 mm; 2" x 1.1")

For mixed colour pack, you will receive 4 pieces of each colour in the same size.

For the mixed color and size pack, you will have 2 pieces of each size and color, bringing the total to 24 pieces in the pack. The thickness of the felt is 2 mm.

Great for embellishing scrapbooks, greeting cards, hair accessories and more!


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