Write a Product Review and Earn Craft Points


Sharing is good. What is even better is if you also get rewarded by sharing a review with others for an item that you have recently purchased from us!

Crafio is now rewarding customers whom have purchased from us and then write a product review about the item he/she has bought and used. If you happen to have recently purchased from us, then you can head over to the listing which you bought the item through and send your review on that product. You will be able to see the Write a Review button beneath the product photos which will display a form when you click on it.

If your review is published into the product page, you will receive 300 Craft points which you can use to redeem coupons to deduct the total amount in your next purchase. It's that simple!

For the terms and conditions of this offer, please read our Product Review Terms and Conditions page.

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  • Seck Hoe Wong