Crafio Introduces Reward and Referral Program


Today, Crafio introduces a Rewards Program as a way to say thank you to the continuing support of our customers. 

As soon as you sign yourself up for the Rewards Program, you will be able to earn Craft points with every purchase that you make. Each Ringgit you spent on will earn you one Craft point. With the accumulation of Craft points from your purchases, you will be able to redeem them when they reach 500 points. You will be able to redeem a RM5 coupon with every 500 Craft points, RM12 with every 1000 Craft points and RM35 with every 2500 Craft points.

As a token of appreciation for signing up the Rewards Program, you will get 200 Craft points straight away after signing up. By keep coming back to Crafio, you will be rewarded with coupons that you can use to deduct from your next purchase. 

Together with this Rewards Program, we also introduce a Referral Program. We believe in the spreading of news through word of mouth. If you think the products and services that you receive from us are good, we appreciate that you recommend us to your family and friends. If they eventually become a Crafio customer, both you and your friends will be rewarded. 

Our Referral Program rewards you with 500 Craft points when a family member or friend of yours accepts your invitation and make an order on Crafio. At the same time, the person whom you refer to will also get 10% off their first order.    

The first step you need to do now is to click on the Rewards Program tab located at the bottom of the page and enroll yourself into the program!


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  • Seck Hoe Wong